What We Stand For


To empower student nurses with academic and clinical excellence, in order to develop committed, conscientious, confident, caring, sensitive professional nurses of international repute.


To prepare competent, compassionate health care professionals, who will foster and cultivate intellectual, spiritual and ethical values transcending socio-cultural boundaries to promote evidence-based practice.

  • To prepare graduates with a holistic perspective, who will respond to changing health care needs and will be able to create a quality working environment.
  • To stimulate interest in research and technology by maintaining high standards of education that meets the professional standards of nursing.

Our Values

Student Focus

We are committed to fostering the professional and personal growth of all students and our fellow colleagues by promoting lifelong learning and leadership development. These interests are the primary focus of college decisions and activities.


We value professionalism which is a collection of traits that are put together to make up an exceptional employee and in turn, a successful institution. These traits include reliability, competence, dependability and respect.

Ethics and Dignity

We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect, professional and scholarly ethics. We value the dignity and worth of all people. We expect all of our conduct to be based on integrity, mutual respect, civility and also the conduct is driven by the highest ethical standards.


We strive for excellence in all our academic pursuits. We are committed to innovations in our teaching, research and outreach to our communities. We commit to continuous self-improvement to achieve excellence in all our endeavors.


We believe in training talented eligible candidates.

Collaboration and Public Engagement

We commit to working collegially and cooperatively in establishing productive partnerships with our colleagues in education, university, corporate, nonprofit and public communities. Through these partnerships, we strive to improve education and the quality of life for all to ensure a better future for all.



The overall objective of nursing program at TGINE is to prepare a Graduate/ Post Graduate Nurse who will be able to:

  • Synthesize knowledge from physiological and behavioral sciences with nursing practice in order to enhance professional competence.
  • Provide age appropriate, culturally sensitive quality services to protect, promote, optimize health and alleviate suffering, through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses in the care of individuals, families, communities and population as a whole.
  • Exercise professional accountability and responsibility by demonstrating leadership strategies to advance nursing through application of relevant theories, concepts and principles.
  • Collaborate effectively with health care providers and consumers in the conduct of nursing practice.
  • Apply critical thinking skills in making independent judgment and decision.
  • Act as an agent of change by participating in significant research programme and utilizing information and communication technology to promote evidence based practice.
  • Engage in ethical reasoning and actions to promote advocacy and social justice as a responsible citizen.
  • Cultivate and develop values, attitudes, skills and self-directed learning as a lifelong process in the interest of personal and professional growth